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We are offering a new program to assist French instructors in selecting and obtaining course materials in French that are not readily available in the United States. We have heard from French instructors who feel constrained in the books they can utilize in their courses because of the difficulty and expense the students, and their institutional bookstores, have in locating certain books in sufficient quantities. In this regard, we offer a simple and commitment-free way for instructors to assure that their students will be able to purchase almost any french-language book at an attractive price.

The program works as follows. First, the instructor simply informs us through our contact us page of the book or books they would like us to provide to their students. Within a day or so, we will reply with the availability of the books, and their guaranteed price. Once the instructor confirms their interest in the book at the offered price, we will send the instructor a link to a special order product page tailored specifically for their course. These links can be for individual books and/or for multiple books on the syllabus. Here is an example.

From here, the instructor simply forwards this link to the student or includes it on the course syllabus. The student can then special order the book directly through the link, with delivery of the book within 3-4 weeks. The student may instead choose to purchase the book through other means (or may already have the book), but the benefit of the program is that the instructor can be certain that the book will be available within 3-4 weeks, at the guaranteed, reasonable price, for all of their students.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us and we will be happy to explain further.